Neeco Industries’ flagship API-6A Gate Valve is our Neeco Frac (Model NF) Gate Valve. The NF Series large-bore valves are best suited for the harsh conditions inherent during hydraulic fracturing.

The NF Series Valves consist of the NF-700 which is a 7 1/16” full bore valve and the NF-500 which is a 5 1/8” full bore valve. They are both available in 5,000 to 15,000 PSI pressure ratings and feature a one-piece seat design with simplified parts for easy assembly and operation. Each size has a proven track record in the field with some of the most wellknown service companies operating in the various shale plays of the United States.

The NF Series Valves are made with dual-bonnets (lower balancing stem) and contain a ball-screw assembly to reduce torque levels during working pressure. The ball-screw assemblies allow both sizes to be open or closed with the least amount of turns while under pressure. Both the NF-700 and NF-500 valves are available with Double-Acting Hydraulic Actuators.

  • Size

    5-1/8” to 7-1/16”

  • Pressure Rating

    10,000 PSI to 15,000 PSI

  • Temperature Rating

    L-X (-50°F to 350°F)

  • Trim

    AA to HH

  • Product Specification Level

    PSL-1 to PSL-3G

  • Design

    All Forged steel components.

    Metal-to-Metal / Hard faced Seat to Gate sealing.

    One-piece seat design (No body bushing).

    PEEK spring energized seals.

    Ball-screw operated for ease of operation.

    Lower balance stem option.

    Manual and Hydraulic operation.